Quality and Success is a Process

Getting good at photography, learning lighting, posing and all those skills….learning how to grow my photography business is not something one simply does easily.
I have studied, gone to school, attend seminars. Read a ton of books and learned with years of experience. One must be willing to grow and learn,  Attending seminars or workshops is expensive and exhausting WORK! Just because it may have been held in a nice location or a fancy hotel does not mean that anybody had the time or energy to relax and see the sights while they were in attendance. It was WORK… Period!
It takes years, along with energy and application. Over and over, and in the end, these small journeys, I realize it was not all wine and roses. As a matter of fact, I look back and think to myself: “How did I do it?” If success was structured, predictable and laid out, everyone would be doing it, and hopefully, but would they be doing it well!
But sadly, most people don’t. Because success and learning the necessary skills is hard, hard work. One thing, above all others, is having desire, passion and a willingness to learn. Even if I were starting just out or an old pro, no one is immune.  My studio (or any business) cannot survive very long in our world these days without making it profitable while providing the best and finest quality experience and products to my clients.


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