Thank you for taking an interest in our work.

We hope the photos we take of you and your loved ones become your FAMILY ART!  Display it large and proud.The team behind Rick Bishop Photography truly loves what we do, and hope that our images portray the passion we have for photography and what we hope will become your “Family Art” that will be shown throughout your home. We are in the business of telling stories; love stories, family events, and life stories. We would love to be able to tell yours. Whether you need personal, family or business image portraits, to engagement and wedding coverage or a family or business gathering, please have us help you record those memories. We also can offer destination wedding photography coverage anywhere in the world that you plan to have your wedding.

A little about Rick

Rick found his love of Photography when he was very young. Then in high school, Rick studied of photography and fine art. He was taught composition, design and to developed and print his photos in a darkroom. This early learning and skills taught to him then, serves him well in today’s fast paced digital photography world.  Rick is known to never be without a camera near at hand. Enjoying his life’s love for photography by making it his career in life.

His true joys are his family, friends and photography. Talking and laughing with people comes naturally, so he hopes you will feel comfortable allowing him to capture your special moments in life. Those memories that will remain close to your heart forever.

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