Conceptual Ideas… what if?

Many people are very VISUAL beings. I am one of these people. When I was young we subscribed to Life and LOOK magazines. I would sit and study the great photos and even read the short articles too. I always dreamed of making great photographs of people and locations. I have had some opportunities for travel and photograph interesting people and locations.

But what if i could travel more …?


 Zion Views  This was taken in the Eastern part of Zion National Park.  July 2012

Here is a concept that one person is doing.

His name is

Kyle Thompson


Lisle, IL

Take a look at Kyle’s Dream (idea) that is in the works. He may even find a way to fund part of it.


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Jobs Wisdom

I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what's next.

Steve Jobs

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Quality and Success is a Process

Getting good at photography, learning lighting, posing and all those skills….learning how to grow my photography business is not something one simply does easily.
I have studied, gone to school, attend seminars. Read a ton of books and learned with years of experience. One must be willing to grow and learn,  Attending seminars or workshops is expensive and exhausting WORK! Just because it may have been held in a nice location or a fancy hotel does not mean that anybody had the time or energy to relax and see the sights while they were in attendance. It was WORK… Period!
It takes years, along with energy and application. Over and over, and in the end, these small journeys, I realize it was not all wine and roses. As a matter of fact, I look back and think to myself: “How did I do it?” If success was structured, predictable and laid out, everyone would be doing it, and hopefully, but would they be doing it well!
But sadly, most people don’t. Because success and learning the necessary skills is hard, hard work. One thing, above all others, is having desire, passion and a willingness to learn. Even if I were starting just out or an old pro, no one is immune.  My studio (or any business) cannot survive very long in our world these days without making it profitable while providing the best and finest quality experience and products to my clients.


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New Look

Easter Bunny Portraits

Well after too much time, my Website is back up with content. Though I see many things that still need tweaking.  But it will take time. I see one photo that the color is way off and over saturated.  I don’t know what happened there. But I will change it.

Up-coming Events:

Children’s Portraits with the Bunny.

March 20th through April 6th.

Please call and your schedule appointment for  this family Favorite.

Special Package pricing for all events.

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New Year Planning

Happy Spring!

Well not really, but January sure feels that way. People are planning their weddings or engagement sessions now. Have you thought about planning yours yet? Baby Club. Our Baby club is rolling. MILESTONES – Babies 1st Year Program There is no time in a child’s life when they change more than their first year. They go from completely dependent tiny beings that fit into the crook of your arm, through the rolling over phase, sitting up, standing, and sometimes even walking. Record your baby’s first year in portraits with us. Program includes three portrait sessions, (your choice of newborn (3 to 7 days), 3, 6, 9 or 12 months). With each session you will receive an 8×10 print. At baby’s first birthday you will receive a 10×20 composite featuring your favorite portrait from each session, and a CD slide show. This is a perfect gift of memories for that special mother. See more details in the
Galleries / Babies and Children tab on the Website.

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Father’s Day Gift Idea.

We will make it easy for you for Father’s Day.

We have taken all the thinking out of this one.  It’s a no brainer for those of you who struggle with getting that perfect father’s day present for your hubby or boyfriend.  It really couldn’t get any simpler than this.  Not only will Dad get an amazing present this year that will always be close to his heart, but moms………this is for YOU as well.  Dad can have the panel and you can get all the other prints to show off to your family and friends.  Hey, keep a few, wrap them up and give them to Grandma & Grandpa for their Grandparents Day (I am sure there is a day for this).

I know some of you struggle to pick out that father’s day gift.   I have seen the gifts that some of my friends get and well.  They suck.  Not all, but most of them do.  You probably never knew that they felt this way, like the dads would really tell you the truth.  “Hey hon, thanks for the father’s day present, but to tell you the truth, I really didn’t need a new hose!”

We have just a few slots left as the initial response to this event has been amazing.  Call now and reserve your slot.  Surprise Dad with the ultimate gift. Father’s Favorites will be over before you know it but the “thought that counts” can last for a long long time.

For only $79.00 you will not only get the perfect Father’s Day gift for him, But it is also a gift that you will enjoy too.

So Mom’s, Call Me today and arrange a time to get the PERFECT Father’s Day gift photograph taken. Remember, I make house calls!

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Photography Improvement skills

As many professionals know,  ongoing education is a must. Photography and continuing education workshops are no different..

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Your Magic Moments

Call to schedule your Wedding planning session. Your Photo memories can last for a lifetime by planning wisely before the Wedding Day!

Wed LR01 Wed LR02a
Wed LR03 Wed LR04

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